The Flawless World


                I am a son of GOD, son of the creator of everything. And I am going to recreate the world made by my father.

                Some period ago, my father sent me on earth to take a view of his best creation- humans. When I visited on earth I saw a creature more capable than every other creature on earth, and they were humans. When I realized their extreme strengths I thought that maybe father gave them so much power to protect other ‘less capable creatures’. But things were not like that. And when I closely observed them, instead of protecting others, they were fighting with each other with hundreds of reasons. And when I went closer to them, I realized that they are not happy within themselves too. They were suffering thousands of problems mentally, physically and socially. When I saw this, I got very demoralized and I went to my father, I told him that his master work is not flawless. You made their life dreadful. You failed to make a creature and its society favorable for their happiness. Father didn’t react, he told me, ‘Son, if you think I failed to give humans enough resources for their happiness, you can recreate them and their society, but keep in mind; you can only change the things that I have created not what humans have created’.

                I accepted this task and I am looking forward to give the humans a life full of happiness, satisfaction and encouragement. So I am going to do reasonable changes in human nature and in human societies too. I will start with Emotions of humans. I think humans got too many emotions, both positive and negative. I need to eliminate all the negative emotions like jealousy, aggression, sadness, guilt, hatred, greed, etc so that humans should always possess positive emotions. But……..but will they appreciate the positive feeling if they are full of it??? I think negative feelings are necessary so that they get to know the value of positive feelings. And if I eliminate one negative emotion, relative positive emotion will get eliminated itself. And too many emotions are the main reason why humans are different from other creatures. And if I start eliminating emotions, I will end up with nothing. So I will let the emotions untouched.

                Let me start to make changes in social life of a man. The first thing that should be rooted out from society is gender discrimination. This discrimination has come in world just because males got more physical strength than females. I will change this parameter, I will give both males and females equal strengths. But before I change this, I need to understand why father created this inequality.

                Males need to protect their family, so they have more physical strength. And females, they have more pain bearing capacity, so that when the man is about to fall, she must hold his hand and makes him keep going. Female is more kind, more attractive and the definition of beauty on earth. A female body is the body where a new birth takes place, not a male body. I think these are types of strengths too, not exactly as a male posses but important as well. Then why father haven’t made the dominance fell in the favor of females? Or he’s not the reason behind this discrimination?

 No, he can’t do this. He has not created this inequality. He gave different strengths and weaknesses to both the genders in a convenience of survival of humans. If both males and females are created in same womb why does inequality is been poured when they step out in this world. This is a very amateurish thing humans spilled in the society. Because this is human created, I can’t change it. Even if I had the endorsement of changing it, I wouldn’t have. Women across whole world are suffering because of this. Women are fighting for their rights from the very beginning of humans arrival on earth, and now they are almost there, if I could eliminate this right now, women would not get the chance to taste their victory. So let me give them their crown. Let the women make men realize what they are worth of.

                Next important thing is poverty. In this world, few people are so rich that they don’t have enough life span to spend it. And at the other hand, millions of people don’t even get decent food to survive. And it all depends on where the man is born. What is the fault of a child who’s born in poor family, why he has to struggle to get his food? And what great things a child did to take birth in a rich family? I will end this inequality; I will provide equal resources to everyone. But if I give equal wealth to everyone will they work? Will they struggle to survive? And in this world the people who really works hard, also get wealth more than everyone else, will it be the injustice for people like this?

                Now let me think, if I give 1000 bucks to 100 people every day for a month. What will happen after a month? All of them will get their basic needs; food, shelter and cloths for a month for sure. Perhaps some of them will save a part of this money for future or start something that will keep their pockets full even after one month. And maybe some of the people will spend the whole money for their desires, and will become poor after a month again. I am the son of god; I may give them 1000 bucks every day throughout their lives. But will this be fair? Even the smallest creatures like ants do struggle to get food, will it be right to give humans the thing they should struggle for. No, I can’t do this.

                That was my third attempt to change something, but I failed.

                But this, next thing has to be changed. Humans all over the world are fighting because of this. This phenomenon that has more complications than anything else is called as ‘religion’. If my father created whole humanity with his own hands, then why he created so many religions and so many gods for them? Are these religions man-made too? No, the messengers of god, my brothers visited this world, and that’s when religions were born. And I have total faith in my brothers; all the ways they have mentioned are destined to heaven. But if the destination is one; why father created so many different ways?  Why he hasn’t created just one religion? Maybe because he wanted to give the humans the right to choose their way to reach the heaven! If it’s the reason why humans are fighting? I can’t make all the people follow one definite religion. The all has their own thinking; this would be like grabbing their independence. I am exhausted now. I can’t live in this place. I can’t change anything.


                Father, I went to make the world a better place for humans, but I couldn’t. I know that man is not happy but I couldn’t make any changes for them. You gave different strengths and weaknesses to both the genders, but one gender is dominating other gender on the basis of physical strengths. Instead of respecting women for having things that men don’t have, they are making women suffer. Rich people are becoming richer instead of helping poor to change their condition. People are fighting to make their religion superior. You created religions so that they can follow the principals which will make them better beings. You also provided religious books so that no one can mislead other people on your name. But still people are using violence to make their religion superior. You clearly mentioned that people should live their life with love and peace, then why people are finding reasons to fight? The most shocking thing is that people are nowadays even fighting because of your presence. A group of people says that you exist and other group says that you don’t. How can you stay so cool on such things? Why don’t you go and give a vision of you to all the humans? Why are you not helping people to become happy? When you told me to make changes for their happiness, I found that most of the problems are created by humans only and you told me not to change anything that’s created by humans? Why? If I can solve those problems in a blink of an eye, why you haven’t allowed me to do?    


God- Yes you are right that humans are fighting with their own race, and many innocent people are suffering because of that. But they created all those reasons for fighting, and they must get over those things, themselves. The social war that has been fought on the earth is between good leaders and bad leaders. And you can’t say that I am not helping them, I am helping them by giving them good leaders, leaders who will lead them on the right path. Leaders who will make all the discrimination vanish. And son, if you really want to help humans; you can help them only by becoming a human, a good leader.

I am participating in the #TheWorldRemade activity at BlogAdda in association with India Today #Conclave15 And for me this world is perfect. This is the world of my dreams, if I could make any changes in this world, that would be creating some more good leaders, who will take the people on the right path.


  1. Wonderful..I must say, our thoughts match to a great extent. I could relate to so many points there.
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  2. nicely written.. some very nice thoughts n concepts in there :)

  3. Very nice and elaborate plus the son and god concept is good too. Thanks for sharing and also for liking my post too.

  4. Thanks a lot shoma, hope you'll visit my blog again :)

  5. You have surely brought some variety here! And a nice finish :)

  6. Keep Writing and sharing Vikram.
    Best wishes to you.

    1. Thanks a lot swati :) i will surely keep writing, u plz keep visiting ;)

  7. Wow dude that's a really great blog loved it. It states the reality going on in surrounding. Good concept . Hope to see you writing many more blogs bro... cheers✌

    1. Thanks a lot brother, I am very happy that u liked it :)

  8. Neatly written..
    Nice post..:)
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