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An Unexpected Outrage

Has it ever occurred to you that you went to start your bike and forgot your keys, and you don’t remember where it is gone? Seems common right? I too didn’t bother much about these random things. Until one day. 
I went to withdraw some money from the ATM. Everything was normal, I put the amount of money I needed, on the final step, the machine asked for the PIN number as usual, but I couldn’t remember the PIN. I panicked for a moment because it was not usual. It was not an instance of confusion, whether it is 4783 or 4873, I just couldn’t remember any number. I spooked for a moment, but I calmed myself in the hope that I will recall the number. But the session timed out. I again tried, every step of the process was good, but I couldn’t remember the PIN. 
I came outside the ATM, scared. I waited outside for a couple of moments and tried to remain calm. Maybe it happened because I was overthinking about something. Then my phone rang and I talked for a couple of minutes. This call broke my…