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2 types of Bikers

 They were still becoming friends, still getting to know each other, still trying hard to remember each other’s’ names. After the long lectures, they all decided to meet at a known place to visit an unknown place of the city. They all met when the day was turning into night. It was the first time they were watching each other in a different shade of light. Three boys and two girls, all choose their favorite seats in the car. The car was of one of the boy’s. They all reached at a place very popular among the college people. They ordered some drinks and starters, talking to each other came an instance when everybody ran out of the topics to speak on. The situation started to fill a feeling of embarrassment in all of them, unnecessary prolonging the subjects, started to make the environment more unpleasant. Everyone started to force their brains to think of a general topic that will engage every one of them. Looking at the time, one of the boys said; “thank g