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You Be Brave...- A Motivational Short Story

When Eva was very young, and before she could start her school, she was very mischievous, restless, amiable, and possessed a very inconsistent mind with an extraordinarily strong imagination. She always figured a unique and unheard logic to how things worked. When anybody would ask her what she wants to become when she grows up, she would always give different answers. Sometimes she would say Doctor or Teacher, but sometimes she would say Elephant or Horse or even a Whale. I also heard her sometimes say that she wants to become an Airplane when she grows up. I think she figured that growing up has something to do with growing in size, and as we change our size we can become anything. For, once she asked me “Ma’ma was I a Cat when I was small?” We were very entertained and proud to see how imaginative our little daughter was. But with this imagination, she had this inability to stay focused committed to any work. She would never finish any game or activity. I got b