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The Things I Can Never Tell You

Today I was sitting in the drawing room, was watching TV, you passed through me and went out of home without speaking to me. You passed like you haven’t seen or like you don’t care I was sitting there. This was the worst thing you did to me. I got despondent, disconsolate and dejected. I was always scared of getting oblivion. I did everything in my life keeping the thing in my mind that this will make people think of me after I am gone. I always wanted to be remembered. But the way you disregarded me today made my heart pounding out of chest. But I kept calm, I am still calm, physically, if anyone in this world sees me right now he would say I am just sitting fine. But inside I am unable to control my emotions, my thoughts, my feelings.                            Whenever I see you, whenever you achieve anything, whenever you fail, whenever you ask anything to me I could recall the moments when I first saw you, when I first held you in my hands. But today I could f