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A Lot Can Happen Over Coffee

A few days ago one of my old and good friend called me and said she's in my city. She visited to her relatives, we planned to meet next day at a spot equally distant from my home and her relatives home. I was really excited because we haven't met for 2 years, but I got super excited when she said she's gonna come with her cousins :p Next day I met her on the planned spot, as expected she was with her 2 cousins (both of them girls :D :D :D). They all were so adorned, so perfectly dressed. I don't know why all girls works so much on their looks, why they think so much of how they are looking. But whatever is the reason I really like it. And there was a guy with them, I knew that girls always keep a friend-zoned guy with them wherever they go. From there we decided to go to a coffee shop. When we went in the cafe the most common thing happened- we were discussing what to order, the most preferable choices were- cold coffee, kuka, cold chocolates, and the elder sibli