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One More Day

Why does it matter when ALL MEN MUST DIE; and I am living my life with my own terms and will die with my own deed. Only my actions will take my life, nothing else can take my life. These are the most inspirational words by any smoker. The number of young smokers is increasing because they motivate others to try it. And if you got one who smokes but keeps you away from it, you are quite lucky to have him. It’s amazing when you talk to a smoker and listen to the reasons he smokes, for an instance you get motivated to take the cigarette in your fingers and taste the thing which is killing thousands of people per year but still no one can quit it. What type of intoxication does it have that makes you destroy your own life? Have you ever tried to ask smokers about this? If you have close friends who smoke I am sure that you have attempted to know the reason at least once. If you carefully listen to them you will rea