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Our Attitude towards GIRLS

We live in a society where a woman's character and personality is judged by her attire and appearance whereas a man is judged by his words, actions and thoughts. Sad, but true. These lines I read somewhere on facebook. I think a girl wrote these lines below her pic expecting that she will get some extra likes because of these lines. But when I read these lines carefully, (though it was very difficult to read because it was written below a pic of a girl) I found that it was written so true. We live in society where women is judged by her attire and appearance, even I am one of those who do this. But I promise that I'll change my attitude toward women.(atleast when am with an ugly girl :p). Jokes apart, we seriously need to change our self, and to learn some basic things from girls. Who's the most famous girl in your college? I am sure that she must be most beautiful girl in your college. And whose the most famous guy in your college? he must be one with havi