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India Against Corona: Let's Fight Stupidity First

I usually don't write about what people should do and what they shouldn't. But this is a time when I think this is needed. Corona pandemic is hitting India and the count of affected people is continuously going up. However, before we fight corona we need to find some solution to the stupidity that is going in our country. Because of stupidity, the people of India are getting divided into two types. The gap between these two types is broadening with every step we take. To prove how big this gap is, I want you to go through the following image: So this was tweeted just after the whole country lighted Diyas, Candles, or Torches in their homes. Now, just as I said there are two types of people in India: 1st Type: People who will get angry when they read the text "Corona gone?" because it is taunting what PM Modi had appealed to people of India to do. And will get happy by seeing the reply, "No Still present in the form of Tabli