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A string of false MORALS

A year ago, just after my exams, my father received a call from my uncle informing that my aunt expired. We immediately went to my hometown. I don’t know how I was feeling before I received the news, but as soon they told me about it, I felt emptiness, and that feeling stayed for a very long time. It is how we feel when we lose someone we know cared for us. A feeling like a part of us has been lost. When I was at my hometown, I don’t know why but a thought penetrated my mind that what would have happened if it was my exam period. Would my parents have allowed me to come with them? And without having a second thought I knew that the answer would have been a big ‘NO’. My parents would have convinced me to concentrate on my exam and to visit the town after my exams. I mean, there is no chance that my dad would have said. “Come with us, exams appear every year, but this more important.” A few months ago, my brother got ill, and he got admitted at hospital for about a week (no he