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why am I born?

Sometimes I ask myself, why am I born? And I think every person in this world has this question in his mind. I think that I am special I am gonna do something that nobody did. I don't know why but I think I am born for a special purpose. But then I realized that everyone believes that he's born for a special purpose. But maximum people don't seem like they are anywhere special. The people around me do 3 things everyday, 1-wake up. 2- survive and 3-go to bed. I feel so bad to have a life like everyone else have. I want something different. Something more interesting, I want to do something that have a risk of loosing my everything. I really think I am born to rule the world and now I am doing that job which I really don't want to. How should I spend my rest of the life? How should I live? And I am sure that you too asking these questions to yourself.  When I looked at the people around me, I found that there are two ways to live your life........... to stay HAPPY


 MY FIRST BLOG This is my first blog, I really don't know what to write and what to write. I am writing this and I am sure that after months or years when I see this blog i'll feel awesome. i will realize how stupid, immature I was(I am right now). Actually this is how it works, whenever you look yourself in your past you will realize how childish you were. At every period of your life you think that you are smarter and wiser than everyone. But when you actually start thinking what others think you will be matured in true meaning.