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Knowledge is Curse

You found yourself in an ocean, endless water in all directions  You are struggling to live And every person you know is doing the same All of them are going in a single direction with a hope to find a shore A false direction, your instinct says You get a feeling that the opposite direction could have a shore but with no assurance You try to tell people but they don’t listen. You could go alone on a presumably the right path Or follow your loved ones on the wrong path. What Will You Do? Knowledge is Curse This is a story of a boy born in a war torn area. The first thing he ever learned was that the foreign army killed his parents. In that area, as soon as the grip of a child gets firm, he is handed with the labor tools or military armaments. He was destined to hold the armaments, till he dies or kill every last enemy. Isolated from the world, people here knew only one thing that both surrounding nations want to acquire their state for political influen