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Harsh Truth

                   Out there live people who have arrogance absorbed in their hearts like water in the sponge. Some are superior because of how they are born and where they are born. I feel sorry for them when they expose their haughtiness to other people, because they forget that their existence doesn't mean anything to this world, except the people they are loved by. They forget that if they did never born, even their parents life would have been without a defect. But they exist, that's the reason their parent's lives are highly motivated by them. But just think what if you never came to this world, your friends would have felt lonely? Your best friend would have died without making another best friend? Your husband or wife would have lived without marrying anyone? We all think that we are the center of the universe, but the harsh truth is we are just a part of it and trying to leave a spot in history just because we exist.               I have seen people ignoring