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SEX- the biggest fantasy

When I decided to write something on Pre-Marital Sex, I was a little bit confused on my views. So I thought to explore this topic, the more I was thinking the more I was getting confused . The more I was asking my friends about it, the more difficult they were making it for me.   Then I realized that both sides of this topic are so strong that I couldn’t just have the conclusion without a lot of arguments. Because we are humans and for us sex is not just a physical act but it also includes our deep emotions, I decided to look at this topic from the views of some of my imaginary characters. So let us begin the discussion- Hii I am Riya Dutt, I am 18 years old, I’ll go in favor of Pre-Marital Sex because I think if both the partners are ready, we don’t need to argue on that. And if they know the consequences if something gets wrong and if they are taking all the precautions against it, I think it is all fine to have sex before marriage. Hiiii I am Rahul kumar, I am