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                The day when our result was out I found that a group of students from my class was discussing their result. They asked my result too(that was really embarrassing). A guy then asked who is the topper of the class? someone told a name of a girl which I never heard, he added she is the same girl who topped in last exam. Then that girl became center of the topic. one guy said she's having more than 90% attendance that's why she's topper, other guy said 'whenever i see her she's with her books' then everyone started adding their points, they gave me about 10-15 reasons why she's the topper. Then at a point every reason went in oppose of her. Everybody started saying that she's having full attendance because she don't have anything else to do. She's a bookworm, she's having no practical knowledge. she's soo boring. she's so inactive in other things.................etc etc etc And then they realised the conclution of the dis

who deserves to be the next PM?

Lets talk some serious stuff. This is election period and every Party is going to manipulate us, they are going to convince us in their own ways. Many people have decided that who they are going to support, but lets think who really deserves to be the PM. We got 3 choices Rahul Gandhi, Arvind Kejriwal and Narendra Modi. Lets find out who's better. 1-Rahul Gandhi :  why is he in this discussion? because of his family. what is his past experience? nothing. He is just a guy who has great dreams and his parents supports his dreams. I want to say him that becoming a PM just because you want to be is like I'll get a job in any company just because my parents want to. And Indian Politics is not Bollywood that a superstar's son will be definitely a superstar.  2-Arvind Kejriwal: who is he? now he is nothing but once he was the CM of Delhi who won that election by making promises more than anyone did in the history. what is his past experience? he resigned from that seat f

one message to almost all the girls

I am writing this post after 20 years of observations. From the day i was born, i started observing you (all girls) and now its time to write the conclusions. The first thing is you actually dont have any feelings. You dont propose anyone, you wait for others to propose you(because you dont have any type of feelings). And always remember I can chose any girl I want and you can only choose the guys come to you(so please stop acting like you rule the world). If you think that if I like your pics means that you are beautiful then you are wrong, that only means that you should like my pics too....(but you even cant do that). If I look to you sometimes that doesnt mean you are looking like an angel, it only means that god gave me these fucking eyes but no settings to close my eyes by default whenever i see you. If I am in your friendzoned list that doesnt mean I am not that good, it means that I wanted to be in friendzone because you are not that good. You get attracted to a guy with the b