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No strings attached

                        When I was in 6th standard, I went to a friends home. There I met his brother, we had a lot of fun, played many games. I was there for about 3-4 hours. And when I was leaving, I still remember that I was wearing my shoes and my friends brother was sitting on a chair few meters away. At that very movement I don't know why but I felt very sad. A sad feeling that I can't even explain. And I think my friend's brother was sad too.                          Before that when I was in 3rd standard when I was leaving Delhi I felt that feeling. At that I was not sad because I was leaving delhi. I think that feeling was because I was leaving my friend. Here I am talking about one friend only, there were many friends but he was the only one for whom I was feeling bad.                           At that time I was too young to understand what was happening. Afterwards I realized that I never met those people again. Maybe that was the reason, my soul knew

Lesson i learned recently

         Few days ago I got a new cell phone. So many new apps and games. Even this blog I am writing from the app I got in my cell. And because I am writing on cell this article is going to be real small.          I got a game in my cell. And name of the game is ' candy crush '. Many of you must have played this game too. I actually got addicted to it. Then I realized that few days ago when I didn't had this phone and I really had no relation with candy crush. That means now candy crush is my need just because I have it. That means I need my phone in my hand for 24 hours just because I have it. That means the things I don't have, I actually don't need them. That means I got everything I need and there is nothing to worry.