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a quote on opportunity


Have Some Faith

                                           A few months ago I wanted to start blogging but I had no idea what I am going to write. I read some blogs, and I saw that all famous bloggers are writing for about 5-6 years and because of endless posts they are known as successful bloggers. At the starting I had only 2-3 ideas that I wanted to write on. And after that I kept on thinking for new ideas and slowly my blog got developing. Even now I don't know what I am going to write next, but I know that somewhere sometime something will hit my mind and I will write on it.                 Blogging taught me many things and this is the greatest thing I have learned 'to have some faith'. When I talk to people they say that they really don't know what exactly they are going to do in future, they have there own dreams but by time goes dreams starts fading, they start losing hope, and instead of working for their dreams they start working for the things which are easy to

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A quote on survival



                   Many people say that I am arrogant. yes I am arrogant, and this arrogance comes because of my friends. Whenever I start counting my friends, the list never ends. And I am talking of good friends not the fake friends.                   From 1st class to 3rd class I was in delhi, from 4th class to 7th class I was in latur, from class 8th to 10th I was in karjat near mumbai, class 11th and 12th I was in fergussson college, pune and now I am in engineering college. That means I got 5 sets of friends. And they are the reason why I don't care about my problems because whenever I need these people they will be there.                   The reason I am writing this blog is I want to thank all of them. I will start with my friends in engineering, I started writing blogs and making short movies in engineering and all this is happening only because of these people. They are the only reason behind all my write ups, assignments and attendance :p. The endless time at JRC


A tribute to all my friends