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Destiny is All

Some kind of energy, may be light, but it was more than just light. Had some attracting force, for she wished to meld into it. Had some emissions, for she felt empowered by getting exposed to it. Formed a shape; A shape that by looking at it, you know it is of a human. But you perceive it as something more than a human. Maybe Spirit. Or God; because it certainly was not evil. Maria felt like it was coming closer. It was so bright that Maria couldn’t see anything else, but it was comforting enough that one could watch it for hours without blinking. While approaching towards Maria, it stopped. It stopped at a place, an inch closer than which could frighten Maria. From that distance, it spoke:  “Everything happens because I choose it to happen.” The Failures After listening to it, Maria was certain that it was a human voice, and a voice that was familiar. She tried to recognize whose voice it was, but she failed. Maria tried to look closely to perceive its face.