Sunday, 31 August 2014

a quote on opportunity

Have Some Faith



                 A few months ago I wanted to start blogging but I had no idea what I am going to write. I read some blogs, and I saw that all famous bloggers are writing for about 5-6 years and because of endless posts they are known as successful bloggers. At the starting I had only 2-3 ideas that I wanted to write on. And after that I kept on thinking for new ideas and slowly my blog got developing. Even now I don't know what I am going to write next, but I know that somewhere sometime something will hit my mind and I will write on it.

                Blogging taught me many things and this is the greatest thing I have learned 'to have some faith'. When I talk to people they say that they really don't know what exactly they are going to do in future, they have there own dreams but by time goes dreams starts fading, they start losing hope, and instead of working for their dreams they start working for the things which are easy to achieve. Lets ask ourselves what we wanted to become when we were 9-10 years old. And on which way we are walking today.

               Most of the people must be thinking that our dreams in childhood had nothing to do with reality, they were impossible to achieve and we were not so matured to understand that at that age. But I think today we are fools, every time when we had choices we choose the simplest one. Instead of looking at what we wanted to become, we concentrated more on the probability of getting success. I still remember the time when our teachers used to ask us what we want to become and now nobody really ask us what we are planning for our future. And this is fine, it really doesn't matter what we plan because whenever the time comes we will choose a way which will help us just to survive. But instead lets just have some faith and lets work for our dreams.

                I have a friend, when I asked her who is her best friend she said- no one. And she added she don't want any close friend, close friends always ditch you. Perhaps she is right, I had many close friends and many of them are not in a contact with me. But I still have close friends. Because of my past experiences I can't judge my new friends. I always need to have some faith in them.

Saturday, 2 August 2014


                   Many people say that I am arrogant. yes I am arrogant, and this arrogance comes because of my friends. Whenever I start counting my friends, the list never ends. And I am talking of good friends not the fake friends.

                  From 1st class to 3rd class I was in delhi, from 4th class to 7th class I was in latur, from class 8th to 10th I was in karjat near mumbai, class 11th and 12th I was in fergussson college, pune and now I am in engineering college. That means I got 5 sets of friends. And they are the reason why I don't care about my problems because whenever I need these people they will be there.

                  The reason I am writing this blog is I want to thank all of them. I will start with my friends in engineering, I started writing blogs and making short movies in engineering and all this is happening only because of these people. They are the only reason behind all my write ups, assignments and attendance :p. The endless time at JRC, night-outs and our search of atleast 1 hot girl in our college is the definition of engineering for me. I really don't wanted to join engineering because I had my other plans, but now I know that destiny wanted us to meet.

                 Now friends of 11th and 12th.................. I don't know what to write for them. I got 42% in 11th and 46% in 12th, but I don't regret that, because the time I had was golden period of my life. We had no bikes but still we used to go for night outs.  I will never forget our group studies. we used to bring maggies, milk, coffee so that if we get hungry or if we feel sleepy while studying at night we should have things to give ourselves some refreshment..........hahahaha and you guys know that what happens when we attempt to do group study. And these are this was the place where I learned to dance. Playing CS, pool, watching first day first show of every movie in rahul theaters. I miss you guys. I also met some of the best people of my life just while playing CS in sangvi.

               And now people from 8th to 10th. In this period I had maximum fights of my life. These people taught me real lessons of life. And gave some friends for lifetime.

               And now my favorite, my childhood friends, these are the people from my hometown, I was with them from class 4th to class 7th. I gave exams of scholarship with them, the classes in early morning, going to school on bicycles, playing kabbadi in school and playing cricket behind my home. I will never forget all these small things. And I had no contact with these people after 7th. I met all of them just 2-3 months ago. When I met them after 6-7 years, even for a minute I have not felt that I am meeting them after so many years. I missed these people but after 6-7 years we all are in the same city again................ I thank god for this.

              I never met my friends from delhi after 3rd class. I can't recall all the things but I remember that I used to go to karate class with my friends and at evening around 7-8 pm when sunlight goes down, there used to be cut off of electricity (load-shedding) and at time all the children of my colony used to play together. I just know the names of my best friends there, not even the full name, I just remember their first name. I don't know how, I don't know where, I don't know when, but I believe that somehow, somewhere, sometime I will meet them.


A tribute to all my friends