Have Some Faith



                 A few months ago I wanted to start blogging but I had no idea what I am going to write. I read some blogs, and I saw that all famous bloggers are writing for about 5-6 years and because of endless posts they are known as successful bloggers. At the starting I had only 2-3 ideas that I wanted to write on. And after that I kept on thinking for new ideas and slowly my blog got developing. Even now I don't know what I am going to write next, but I know that somewhere sometime something will hit my mind and I will write on it.

                Blogging taught me many things and this is the greatest thing I have learned 'to have some faith'. When I talk to people they say that they really don't know what exactly they are going to do in future, they have there own dreams but by time goes dreams starts fading, they start losing hope, and instead of working for their dreams they start working for the things which are easy to achieve. Lets ask ourselves what we wanted to become when we were 9-10 years old. And on which way we are walking today.

               Most of the people must be thinking that our dreams in childhood had nothing to do with reality, they were impossible to achieve and we were not so matured to understand that at that age. But I think today we are fools, every time when we had choices we choose the simplest one. Instead of looking at what we wanted to become, we concentrated more on the probability of getting success. I still remember the time when our teachers used to ask us what we want to become and now nobody really ask us what we are planning for our future. And this is fine, it really doesn't matter what we plan because whenever the time comes we will choose a way which will help us just to survive. But instead lets just have some faith and lets work for our dreams.

                I have a friend, when I asked her who is her best friend she said- no one. And she added she don't want any close friend, close friends always ditch you. Perhaps she is right, I had many close friends and many of them are not in a contact with me. But I still have close friends. Because of my past experiences I can't judge my new friends. I always need to have some faith in them.


  1. Vikram , This is absolutely True. You have worded it so heartily. All the best . Be faithful to your Dreams.

  2. thanx alot...............all the best to u too.........

  3. Indeed Vikram, faith is a beautiful thing and sometimes even though it means that we can end up getting hurt, it is still ok to let it hurt cos what we get in return is immensely beautiful..

  4. There are two types of faiths. One is the easy one. The lazy one. It is to avoid intellect & reasoning. And there is another faith which is courageous. It is outcome of intellect. It is the aftermath of reasoning. It's beyond logic. Good post :)


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