why am I born?

Sometimes I ask myself, why am I born? And I think every person in this world has this question in his mind. I think that I am special I am gonna do something that nobody did. I don't know why but I think I am born for a special purpose. But then I realized that everyone believes that he's born for a special purpose. But maximum people don't seem like they are anywhere special. The people around me do 3 things everyday, 1-wake up. 2- survive and 3-go to bed.

I feel so bad to have a life like everyone else have. I want something different. Something more interesting, I want to do something that have a risk of loosing my everything. I really think I am born to rule the world and now I am doing that job which I really don't want to. How should I spend my rest of the life? How should I live? And I am sure that you too asking these questions to yourself.

 When I looked at the people around me, I found that there are two ways to live your life...........
  1. to stay HAPPY by whatever I have. But then i realized being happy is being satisfied. And if you are satisfied then you cant change anything, you cant progress! Its just to stay happy in whatever you get. just SURVIVE. keep yourself happy and your environment will be happy. If human is just like any other animal then this must be the only way to live my life. I know its sad but everyone is doing this. For example, I don't think that my teachers like there job but they still do it. They do it to survive, just to earn enough money to live. And I don't think being a teacher is special in any way. I can live like this, its like whenever you have options, going for the easiest option. But there is one more way to live........
  2. to be passionate. this must be another reason why we all are born. to do what we love. and its not about winning your race, its just about running. Its like choosing a dream which you know will take your whole life to fulfill it.  Living for it, just doing what you like. TO LIVE FOR A REASON. 

I know that everyone wants to follow the 2nd way. But unfortunately many of us don't have anything like this. They still don't have any passion or a reason that they can say they are born for this. I know you will feel sad when you actually realize that you don't have anything that makes you different, you don't know  reason you are born, you don't have any passion and if you have you cant give everything for it. But don't lose your hopes you'll get a chance to prove yourself, life will give you a reason why you were born. I cant say in what way you will get this. Maybe one day while driving you'll see a man just had an accident and is on the road and nobody is trying to help him, you will get a chance to help him, may be you were born to give an another life to that man. That day you will feel like a superman, you will be the happiest person. Yes you will get that chance, Just keep your eyes open to see, keep your ears open to listen and keep your hands empty to help someone who really needs you. And till then, lets feast......................


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