one message to almost all the girls

I am writing this post after 20 years of observations. From the day i was born, i started observing you (all girls) and now its time to write the conclusions. The first thing is you actually dont have any feelings. You dont propose anyone, you wait for others to propose you(because you dont have any type of feelings). And always remember I can chose any girl I want and you can only choose the guys come to you(so please stop acting like you rule the world). If you think that if I like your pics means that you are beautiful then you are wrong, that only means that you should like my pics too....(but you even cant do that). If I look to you sometimes that doesnt mean you are looking like an angel, it only means that god gave me these fucking eyes but no settings to close my eyes by default whenever i see you. If I am in your friendzoned list that doesnt mean I am not that good, it means that I wanted to be in friendzone because you are not that good. You get attracted to a guy with the best bike. I would like to tell you that the fucking bike is given by his father so why wont you just go and sleep with his father???? If you think if I text you then I like you, then you are wrong, that means I was getting bored and I found you as a way to entertain me. whenever I ask you what type of a guy you want, you say that you want a guy like ranbir kapoor..........DO YOU REALLY THINK YOU LOOK LIKE KATRINA??? If you think I am showing you attitude to impress you then you are again wrong I am showing you attitude Because I got another girl and I dont want to see your fucking face again.



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