No strings attached

                        When I was in 6th standard, I went to a friends home. There I met his brother, we had a lot of fun, played many games. I was there for about 3-4 hours. And when I was leaving, I still remember that I was wearing my shoes and my friends brother was sitting on a chair few meters away. At that very movement I don't know why but I felt very sad. A sad feeling that I can't even explain. And I think my friend's brother was sad too.

                         Before that when I was in 3rd standard when I was leaving Delhi I felt that feeling. At that I was not sad because I was leaving delhi. I think that feeling was because I was leaving my friend. Here I am talking about one friend only, there were many friends but he was the only one for whom I was feeling bad.

                          At that time I was too young to understand what was happening. Afterwards I realized that I never met those people again. Maybe that was the reason, my soul knew that we were not going to meet again. That's why these two good bye's were so difficult for me. I don't remember the faces of both these people but I can still remember that feeling. I think that's why someone said, no one is going to remember what you did but no one will forget how you made them feel.

                          The reason I am writing this is I got this feeling once again a few months ago. U must remember that blog I wrote 'A lot can happen over a coffee'. Yes that was the day when I felt that. That was the reason I had to write that blog. I already explained what happened there, but when they were leaving I felt that we never gonna meet. After that I tried very hard to meet them but with negative results. I really wanna go close to them and spend some quality time with them. And if I get succeeded I think one day I'll meet those 2 people from my childhood whom I think I am never gonna meet.

                           As I said I tried meeting these recent people very hard. And I failed to meet them because of their priorities. If I don't meet them in few months maybe I'll have no interest in meeting them. But I'll never forget them because they are attached to me with that one feeling.


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