SEX- the biggest fantasy

When I decided to write something on Pre-Marital Sex, I was a little bit confused on my views. So I thought to explore this topic, the more I was thinking the more I was getting confused. The more I was asking my friends about it, the more difficult they were making it for me.  Then I realized that both sides of this topic are so strong that I couldn’t just have the conclusion without a lot of arguments. Because we are humans and for us sex is not just a physical act but it also includes our deep emotions, I decided to look at this topic from the views of some of my imaginary characters. So let us begin the discussion-

Hii I am Riya Dutt, I am 18 years old, I’ll go in favor of Pre-Marital Sex because I think if both the partners are ready, we don’t need to argue on that. And if they know the consequences if something gets wrong and if they are taking all the precautions against it, I think it is all fine to have sex before marriage.

Hiiii I am Rahul kumar, I am 23 years old, I think people should not do sex before marriage because it is very risky, if anything goes wrong it will affect both the lives very deeply. There are risks of getting affected by sexually transmitted dieses (STDs). And also our society will never allow it.

Hiiiiii friends I am Keyur Patil, I am 31 years old I am basically an Indian but I am living in The States for last 15 years. Life here is very fast, everyone is running behind their dreams. And people here are very free minded about this topic. I am in the favor of premarital sex and probably everyone here in west is in its favor. We have our dreams to fulfill and we can’t get married just for sex. Men and women here give priorities to each other. And as sex reduces stress and has many important health benefits it’s important to have a good sex life even before marriage. We get sexually matured at about the age of 15-16 how can we control our feelings till we get married, and in this era we don’t married before 30’s. So I think it is natural that we are going to get engaged in this.

Hello people, I am Rohini Mishra, I am 38 years old married women. Before marriage I had a sex with a boy whom I really loved. I think he loved me too, but we couldn’t make it to marriage. I was deeply in love with him and from my side I committed no mistake, I willingly went to his bed. I thought we will manage it to the marriage but I think it was not written in our destiny. Or I sometimes think he just played me. I mean I don’t have answers. He could have handled everything if he really wanted me for his entire life. He left me when I really needed him. Maybe I made mistake by trusting him, but for me, I did it because I really loved him and I wanted to share everything with him. There’s another complication in my life, I can’t love my husband as much as I loved him. 5 years ago I had a child with my husband, when it was the time to give him a name; I was really going to give him my lover’s name. But I didn’t. I don’t wanted to remember my past every single day.  And the truth is I still remember him. Whenever I see myself in mirror I remember the way he used to see me continuously for hours. But I can’t do anything other than trying not to remember him. But you know it doesn’t hurt, maybe because I was right on my side, I don’t have any regrets. At the time of marriage I really thought my life is going to be like hell, but eventually I started loving my husband, not as much as I loved my boy friend but still I can live.  For me premarital sex is fine if you can handle your emotions if anything goes wrong after that.

Hiiiii friends, I am Karan Sharma, I am 42 years old married man. I never had sex before marriage. Many times my friends asked me get someone to have sex, at least call girls, but I never did. This is against our tradition. I am the man of honor. I could not be able to show my face to my parents if I ever committed this sin. No gods could have embraced me. My parent’s happiness was the greatest thing in my life, so I married to a girl of their wish. She was the most beautiful women I ever saw. But on first night I realized that she was not a virgin. I mean how is this possible? I never touched any women in my life and I expected a girl with good character and I got a girl like this???? I don’t know what sins I made in my previous life that my life became hell. I can’t love this woman. I don’t want to live with her but I can’t hurt my parents or her parents because of the things she did in her past.  I don’t know whom to blame, should I blame my wife because she had physical contact in her past, or that guy who did this to her or should I just blame myself for being so touched with our culture? My life is fine but my heart is filled with all this, time goes good when I am busy, but at night just before when I get asleep it really hurts. I am against premarital sex but because of the things happened with me I am bit confused with my views.

Hello People, I am Rajan Mahajan, 2 years ago I was 22 years old and then I had an accident and I died. I was from poor family and I was one of the most brilliant students of my university. When I used to see boys around me hanging out with beautiful girls, I really used to get jealous of them. I too wanted a girl in my life, but I controlled my emotions for the sake of my future. Or maybe I was scared to talk to girls. Maybe I used to expect that a girl will come to me herself and I will get in a relationship with her without doing anything. I knew that this miracle was not going to happen but still I was too scared to go and speak to any girl. Then to console myself I used to tell myself that I am still single because maybe I am going to get the best girl of this world. So I used to concentrate on my academics so that I could deserve my future girl.  I had many dreams, many desires; there were many things going, so many things that needed to be done. But one day while I was on my bike something smashed me from back and then it was all dark. It all finished, no dreams, no desires, no past, no future, no hell, no heaven, no pain, no LIFE. But a moment before I died I got a flashback of my life. I had many regrets and the biggest was I never touched a girl, I never went close to a girl because I was scared. If my word matters then keep in mind you got one life to do everything you want to. 'The only moment you are going to live is a moment just before you die, the flashback moment, and trust me "you would not like to see any regrets in that flashback"’.

Hiii guys, I am Vikram Suryawanshi, atlast :p. It is very difficult to conclude this topic, so rather I will just put my views in front. This is a time where relationships are the major part of young people. And if relationships are there, 'sex' will be there. And I am in favor of both of these. But obviously you must take care of some important things. Your partner should be trustworthy. Nowadays we see so many leaked pictures and mms, this is the biggest risk of having premarital sex because a person who has such intentions will make you feel like he’s trustworthy. I even heard some of the stories of blackmailing. And one more important thing I would like to tell you that after marriage we should never expect our partner to be a virgin, they had a past and we should accept it with respect. The reason I am not against premarital sex is if two people love each other and they want to take their romance to ultimate level by taking all the precautions then I don’t think I got any rights to interfere in that. For better understanding of why I am in favor of premarital sex, let us think why man ever created the phenomenon of marriage. I think man started this marriage concept so that after sex, when the children are born, parents should feel responsibilities for him and there should be some laws so that bad people don’t throw their children. Most of the people whom I asked about this had three reasons for saying no for premarital sex:
1- Chances of getting pregnant (come on, if you have 20rs in your pocket, you can avoid that. If you don’t have, you really don’t deserve to have sex.)
2- Society ( there was once a time when society doesn’t allowed girls to go out of home, if you care so much about society, then why the hell you went against it??)
3- Saving virginity for future husband or wife (are you serious?? I heard of saving money marriage. Is this a new concept came in our world?? And do you really think all your partner wants is your virginity? And what make you feel that your partner is doing the same?? Take my advice- you live your life fully, let your future partner live his/her)
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  And we work so hard, study so hard so that we can achieve all the things we seek. Some of the fantasies we all are running for are money, popularity and power, but I think human’s (not only humans but all the spices of this world) biggest fantasy is SEX. And I am not saying this, this is all natural, nature created these things and we should be grateful for this. And if people want to make love before marriage I don’t think we should create any problem for them. I am looking forward to read Poonam Uppal's views on premarital sex. You can buy her book here Poonaam Uppal's True Love - A Mystical True Love Story on Flipkart.


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