India Against Corona: Let's Fight Stupidity First

I usually don't write about what people should do and what they shouldn't. But this is a time when I think this is needed.

India fights stupidity amid corona pandemic

Corona pandemic is hitting India and the count of affected people is continuously going up. However, before we fight corona we need to find some solution to the stupidity that is going in our country.

Because of stupidity, the people of India are getting divided into two types. The gap between these two types is broadening with every step we take.

To prove how big this gap is, I want you to go through the following image:

Lighting diya by Modi consequences

So this was tweeted just after the whole country lighted Diyas, Candles, or Torches in their homes.

Now, just as I said there are two types of people in India:

1st Type: People who will get angry when they read the text "Corona gone?" because it is taunting what PM Modi had appealed to people of India to do. And will get happy by seeing the reply, "No Still present in the form of Tablighi Jamaat," because they would see this as a fitting reply to the tweet.

2nd Type: People who will get happy to see "Corona gone?" and will get angry by reading "No Still present in the form of Tablighi Jamaat."

If you are neither from any of these two categories, congratulations, this blog is for you. And through this blog, I am going to tell you how this hate is increasing, so that we can save ourselves from this hate.

I am very fortunate that I have close friends from both of these types. This is how I understand both the sides. The same thing, however, is being very hazardous to me right now because there is so much stress in the world and I can't handle this intense hate.

Nonetheless, I will tell you how all this is getting so intense, and who's responsible for all this?

First, it started when it came to notice that in a religious event, "Tablighi Jamaat," hundreds of people gathered and some of them were foreigners. Following which we saw a few people revolting against the medical processes, and saw people who were spitting on their way, some people were pelting stones on medical officers, and we also have the reports of people hiding in Mosques. 

Most of us saw these people as Muslims, but I see them as Stupid people. Stupid people who can not trust their government, medical officers and cannot follow state protocols, whatever their reasons are. 

Instead of Muslims let's call them Stupid people.

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind

However, this was taken as an opportunity to create communal hate. It is ironic that in the process of saving communal spread of coronavirus, we are successfully spreading communal hate.

Here's a image of how the community was demonized:

Demonizing Muslims Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

This image was created and shared with an aim of spreading hate by the first type of people.

But don't worry, the other type of people are no better. They too don't miss any opportunity to spread hate.

Here's an instance:

Unbiased media in India amid coronavirus

This post targets everybody who lighted diyas, torches, or candles. This type of people, who believe they are liberals, don't even understand it is not morally or even intellectually right to offend the people of their own country. Everybody knew the motive of the event. However, because of the agendas against PM Modi, these people are not even hesitating to abuse the whole nation. Even great personalities like Ratan Tata lighted Diyas to stand in solidarity, however, these so-called liberals don't care.

I understand that both the parties have different ideologies, but they are playing so dirty that they are forgetting that this is immensely affecting the common people of India. Do you remember I mentioned a third type of people in this Nation, yes, they are more concerned about how we will get out of this pandemic. Even they are able to see how this critical situation is being used for personal benefits or party agendas.

Intellectual Data of First Type

This hate on both sides isn't fueled totally by emotions. Various people try to support this by some intellectual comments so that they can attract like-minded and defame the other side. No matter what you see or read, remain in the third type, at least for this period.

Here's an example:

Intellectual claims against muslims during corona

Are you seeing how smartly, without taking the name of the community, it has been defamed?

The hypocrisy of the Second Type

This type says that always judge independently and gets highly offended when people even use the terms "Muslims" or "Islamic". I strongly support this nature. However, they themselves use Religion to spread hate against their opposition.

When some people pelted stones, the first type of people used "Muslims" to define them, which was opposed aggressively by the second type of people. But when the child of a pregnant woman dies, they use "Muslim" women for their convenience and to spread hate against the first type of people.

Some more hypocrisy

(The previous image was from the news outlet "India Today", used by a page of the second type of people.) Have you seen how the news of India Today was used to portray what's happening in the country. The same news channel was highly criticized for posting Islamophobic graphics. I too believe and it is very clear that any news channel shouldn't endorse such things. However, if criticizing a news outlet for posting such things, and using similar things from the same news outlet for the benefit of their own agenda isn't hypocrisy then what is?

India Today against Muslims

In fact, the news outlet should have been criticized again when they used "Muslim" again in their news.  

More intellect of the first type

This picture could have been so good if they had just portrayed stupid people on one side. However, they again chose to defame a community.

Who exactly is Stupid?

Well, this blog intends to persuade you to fight against stupidity. But who exactly is stupid? 

I am already scared of giving the correct answer to this because I know this blog will be hated by many people. I mean already, our two types of people must be hating me. But, let's be courageous and face the truth.

As I already mentioned, the people who are hiding their travel history, are putting hurdles in government procedures and distrusting our medical officers are stupid. 

But more importantly, we all are stupid. And we need to fight that stupidity in ourselves.

It is not wrong to have any political or philosophical or ideological views. Also, it is very important to support our views. I, however, think that it is stupidity to use this scenario for the benefit of our propaganda.

This goes both for the first type of people who are taking advantage of a few incidents to demonize a community. I mean yes, that stupidity made everything more complicated, but we all are in it together. Let's fight it together. And the second type of people who are obviously against our government and are using such critical and sensitive scenario to attack the government. 

The second type of people are constantly behaving like our government has made very big mistakes. Do you know who made the mistakes? China, who didn't inform WHO of what was happening. WHO, who didn't advise everybody to shut down as soon as possible. The USA, for giving more importance to its economy than the health of its people. And all European nations who didn't take this virus very seriously at the beginning.

Comparatively, we did very well. We need to stand by our government in such a need of an hour. Is there any liberal who would argue here that in case of emergencies, it is very beneficial to oppose the leader you have? Or is it better to support the leader and get out of this situation with minimum causalities and resume our fights of ideologies when we are out of this?

Social Distancing

We all are trying to increase the social distance and although physically we are too far from each other, Virtually (thanks to the internet) we are very close to each other. And the hate that we spread affects everyone around us.

When you put a hate message as a story on your Instagram or Whatsapp, it is being seen by at least 100 people. 5-10 of them, who are of the same ideology as you are, will be very happy to see your post. 5-10 people who are of opposite ideologies may get offended (Maybe this will make you feel good). But, for the remaining 80-90 people, you are just increasing more stress in their life.

Steps to be taken

As I have already written all this, I am thinking maybe I will conclude this by telling what should we do or shouldn't do... 

Step 1- 

Don't forward anything that has religion or community in it. If you see any post that has Muslim, Islamic, Hindus, Bhakts, and any other similar terms, don't forward it.

Step 2- 

Not everyone among us is strong. So if you get anxious by such posts, temporarily block the person who's sharing this, and block the pages who clearly have agendas to fulfill. Although a person who posts such things could be your friend, it is important to keep your mental health strong. Because winning in this pandemic is not going to be a sprint, but it is going to be a marathon. We all need to keep ourselves ready for a very long period.

Step 3-

Share Memes. Yes, it is very important to keep ourselves entertained. Only promote the memes that don't have any political agendas.

I am sharing some of the examples here:

See how easy it was to make the event funny, without criticizing or offending anyone.

Here is one more:

And finally, here is my favorite:

gangs of wassepure meme on modiji

Step 4: 

Share this post. Yes, I am serious. Share this post and let everyone around you know that you are against stupidity in this country. And to tell everybody that you are a healthy person to talk to in this stressful time.


  1. Like kyu kia? Ese hi, sexy lag raha tha.

  2. Don't you think, this topic/ event is highly hyped by media/ social media ? Was it necessary to bring this in front in such situations ?
    Don't you think, instead of telling news, people are making news ?

    1. If you are asking about Tablighi Jamaat and why it was on the front page everywhere, then because now everyone is talking about Coronavirus and this event was the reason behind many positive cases in the country, so it was generic that people were going to talk about it.

      So as you asked, if this was necessary, it doesn't matter if it was necessary, Coronavirus and things related to it are the only things that people are watching or reading about, so this was going to be in the news and discussion anyways.

      Plus, as this was an event of Muslim people, our old debate of Hindu-Muslim is powered.

      And as the effects of Tablighi Jamaat can be still seen, we will see this topic again and again. The only thing I would add here is we shouldn't get angry because of it and shouldn't blame any community. Because the event already happened and it is going to have some consequences.

      And about your last part, yes people are are making news, especially because they have the resources now. Internet makes it easy to write and spread anything. Even this very blog can be considered as the same thing. However, we are the audience and we have the power, and trust me what news we share has more significance than we can understand.

  3. Certainly agree with the topic title "fight against stupidity first"
    However....we must understand difference between stupidity and terrorism in name of religion.
    Eg. Drinking cows urine would cure corona. This is stupidity. (Only the guy doing it might get hurt)
    Organising a gathering in a religious place to do some ritual to fight corona is also stupidity. (The gathered guys will hurt themselves)
    But where this lines blur and it actually start becoming dangerous towards the entire community is when.... At such gathering the people are asked not to co-operate and do irrational things which endanger lives of themselves but also others.
    The problem of such stupid people is that they don't understand that they are getting used to play games with their own life and the life of others...
    The people who makes such gullible people do things are not stupid...they are terrorist.
    Won't you agree to it ?

    1. People who motivate others to do irrational things are culprits for sure. And I am sure legal actions are being taken against such people.

      But the word "terrorist" is very intense, and I think it's not appropriate for us to use this word for atleast the people of our own country. Even when somebody calls terrorist to any person of our country, we feel very bad and it's a shame we all carry.

      So let's not tag anyone with such harsh titles.

      About them, I would say, they are hateful stupids who somehow got into power. Of course it is our responsibility to identify and eliminate such people from power. It is personal responsibility of every individual, it is responsibility of heads and members of every community and also the responsibility of our legislative bodies.

      I think this is getting complicated because communities don't take this as their responsibilities, because it must hurt their egos to put fingers against their own leaders (this goes to all communities).

  4. I'm really glad that you have written on this topic. And it's very well explained. Also, your points are completely true. The best way to curb any hatred is Stop forward and posting these kind of hate filled posts.
    All this happened by people of one community, that's right and it was stupid of them to do it. But at the same time, there have been other stupids of different communities who have done things in the past.
    Stupidity too doesn't see religion.
    So, people need to understand rather than targeting one community for the failures of few, why not condemn these few and move on to how we all can cope up from this pandemic.

    1. Thank you very much for this.

      And yes, I agree that we should come together to overcome the mistakes of these stupid people so that we can get over this pandemic.

  5. Let's fight stupidity8 April 2020 at 02:29

    I hope people wake up one day and see there is so much to India then this stupid 'Hindu vs Muslim'... To wake up from this 'own version of TRUTH' ...

    1. Yes... let's walk together, and we will be there!

  6. Totally agree with your points.
    Very well written.
    I have been thinking about all the hate.
    People are forgetting their duties and citizen's responsibility during these trying times. We must all support & follow the government guidelines.
    I have posted this topic that's voted for IndiSpire-
    "Do you follow rules? How do you feel when you see people flouting guidelines/culture/traditions etc.? #FollowRules"

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