An Unexpected Outrage

Has it ever occurred to you that you went to start your bike and forgot your keys, and you don’t remember where it is gone? Seems common right? I too didn’t bother much about these random things. Until one day. 
I went to withdraw some money from the ATM. Everything was normal, I put the amount of money I needed, on the final step, the machine asked for the PIN number as usual, but I couldn’t remember the PIN. I panicked for a moment because it was not usual. It was not an instance of confusion, whether it is 4783 or 4873, I just couldn’t remember any number. I spooked for a moment, but I calmed myself in the hope that I will recall the number. But the session timed out. I again tried, every step of the process was good, but I couldn’t remember the PIN. 
I came outside the ATM, scared. I waited outside for a couple of moments and tried to remain calm. Maybe it happened because I was overthinking about something. Then my phone rang and I talked for a couple of minutes. This call broke my…

Destiny is All

Some kind of energy, may be light, but it was more than just light. Had some attracting force, for she wished to meld into it. Had some emissions, for she felt empowered by getting exposed to it. Formed a shape; A shape that by looking at it, you know it is of a human. But you perceive it as something more than a human. Maybe Spirit. Or God; because it certainly was not evil.
Maria felt like it was coming closer. It was so bright that Maria couldn’t see anything else, but it was comforting enough that one could watch it for hours without blinking. While approaching towards Maria, it stopped. It stopped at a place, an inch closer than which could frighten Maria. From that distance, it spoke: “Everything happens because I choose it to happen.”
The Failures After listening to it, Maria was certain that it was a human voice, and a voice that was familiar. She tried to recognize whose voice it was, but she failed. Maria tried to look closely to perceive its face. But it faded.
After waking up,…

On the Edge: One of the most Inspirational Stories

A mid-aged man, tired of doing same things for a decade, became despondent due same thoughts. 5 bad minutes exploit the whole day. This man was having 9 bad hours, everyday. It could have been different, if you were a little courageous. The only thought running in his mind, dispirited him to become tedious.

His wife, tired of his abstracted and forsaken behavior, decided to send their 12 years son to boarding school. Missing a child would be better than etiolating him, she thought.
The boy whereas unwilling to leave his home cried before his mom. Realizing that his mom is the instigator of this decision, he goes to his father to tell how scared he is. Totally agreeing with his wife’s decision, the man tries to convince the kid to go at a better place. “But, what if I don’t want to…” utters the kid. It’s better for your future, you will be in a far better school than any school in this town, you will be surrounded the students like you, who want to achieve something great, and you will b…

Girish Kulkarni: Building Heaven for Socially unacceptable People

“When the whole world is Silent, even one voice becomes Powerful”
This is a story of a person who raised his voice when no one dared, and lighted a lamp in the darkest place. This is the story of Mr. Girish Kulkarni.
Girish founded Snehalaya in 1989 to help people from brothel live a better life.
When Mr. Girish Kulkarni was in school, one day he visited his friend’s home and found that she and her mother were working and living in brothel, dealing with the most negative situations of society. The brothel keeper was displeased by Girish’s visit. In a rage, he inflicted indescribable abuse on the girl and her mother, making Girish stay to watch. Appalled by the brutality he had been forced to witness, young Girish made a promise to himself.He resolved there and then devoted his life to end the atrocities faced by trafficked and enslaved women and children in India.
Also, the idea that their life has been determined to suffer just because of the place they are born in. Mr. Girish …