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Your Reactions

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changing your life

Its all about changing your life from 'what you do' to 'do what you love'

 I am sure that you find this quote very honest, but read New World With New Things to learn more about life, which is also one of my favorite blog (of mine obviously). I am sure that you will like that.

An Unexpected Friend

Gender Equality

Women always say that they want the equal part in society. But sometimes I think women should also take equal responsibilities for that.

Illusion of Desires

"All the Desires are Illusions of authenticity created by you. The content of happiness in you after fulfilling your desires will be the same as it is now." You will find many articles on the true happiness but if you agree with this quote you will like my blog on Secret of Happiness.

Losing Old

In school, I was a kid who always needed other people to do his work. I couldn’t eat until my mom made me sit at one place and put a plate in front of me. I couldn’t wake up in the morning myself. In other words you can that I was an extremely lazy guy. I was also greatly depended on my friends; I always needed them with me. While going school, while coming home, whenever I was out of my home, I needed my friends. I needed them to eat my Tiffin with me, I needed them to cheer for me on sports day. I needed them to remind when the assignments are needed to submit, I needed them to provide me the writing material. The whole class knew me and they also knew who my best friends were, I didn’t hesitate to tell my friends that you are not my best friend someone else is. Things went extreme when school life came at its edge. Everyone started realizing that everything is going to end soon. Everyone started making promises that relations will be same irrespective of the time th…

Maktub- It's all written

The Stronger Arm

I believe that if god has gifted you with strengths, the real reason behind it is to protect others. In the fields I am stronger, I hold the other people and make them walk with me. But in other areas where I am weak, I need other people to hold me up. But there are very few people who do that.  The reason behind not holding people must be 'they makes you move slower'. I think this is the reason why rich people becomes richer and poor become poorer. I am stuck in finding the answer, 1-should we move forward without helping. Or
2- should we help even when it is slowing you down.

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