Maktub- It's all written

There are many types of people around you. And in your mind you can make groups of people based on their behavior and nature. And there is this type of people, by just looking at them or spending some time with them you come to realize that they are very smart and intelligent, and because of good heart they are having you can say that they are really going to have a bright future. Bright future means not just doing well in life, here bright means doing something outstanding in life, doing something great, something new. You can recognize this type of people especially when they are in their childhood period. They are active than other kids and smarter than other kids, and more importantly they reflect something that makes you believe that they are different.  You can find this type of people around you or perhaps you are one of them. If you are one of them, you must have got comments from people around you that, ‘you are going to have a bright future (with full confidence in their voice)’. This is a story of a boy who has similar qualities.

This boy has realized that he came in existence to do something great. So while completing his junior college studies lost his faith from education. He didn’t want to do the thing that everyone was doing. But he had no idea how he was going to achieve greatness in life. So he thought to continue with studies until he gets something innovative in his mind. After junior college somehow he continued his education in engineering field. As he was least interested in education he just used to score minimum marks required for progression. Let’s hear his story in his own words:

Once I thought if I study very hard and even if I make myself qualified for a good job and if I become an engineer, how my life will look in future? I’ll get a job of 30k-40k bucks when I’ll be of 22 or 23, and that will spent on my daily expenses, even if I get success in saving some thousands every month, I’ll have to spend it in my marriage at the age of 30-32. Till then my payments may get incremented to 60k-70k, then I would take a home loan and car loan and for next 10 years I’ll be paying all the debts. When I’ll be free from all the loans, maybe at the age of 40-45, I’ll have to start saving for my children and maybe also for my old age. When I’ll be of 60 and get retired from job, I’ll somehow survive from the money I have saved. When I saw this as my future I decided that “education is not the thing I am going to do”, getting a job means signing an agreement of becoming definite poor.      

So, I was in college just for my parent satisfaction, and was continuously thinking for the ways of doing something big. Then, one day, when I went in a bank for completing my admission process of my college, I saw a teacher of my college ahead of me, he then saw someone behind me and got very excited and came to him. Because they were very close to me, I could hear them very well. I heard that the teacher of my college told that person, ‘your student, my daughter got placed from IIT’s in some company and got package of 1.2 million Rupees.’ When I heard these lines, I was unable to listen to anything around me, everything went blank. After the work, I went to my college and then I came to home. All I could hear was a package of 1.2 million rupees. That means about 100 thousand bucks per month, at the age of 22-23! I felt like I am never going to raise myself to that level. I thought like If I could have studied in junior college, I could have got admitted in one of the IIT’s (IIT- Indian Institute of technology, the best institute in India for technology and the toughest to get admitted too). But I thought I could have got admitted if I had studied seriously in my junior college. And I thought that I was capable of doing that. But because of perception of doing something great, I failed to see something great that was in front of me. If I could have get paid 100k bucks per month at the age of 22, I could have made even something bigger from that. But I lost that way from my life. I thought like I lost the way. That could be the best thing, the best way of living my life. It was getting darker and darker outside my window. And in the way my life was getting darker and darker. I was laid on the bed, doing nothing physical but still getting tired even by just lying down.  All the negative things were hitting my mind; my head was getting heavier and heavier. My eyes were closed but my eyes started to pain more and more. I didn’t realize when it all stopped; I couldn’t recall when I felt asleep. I can’t remember when I lost my conscious. But then I started to see something, I started to hear something, the vision and the voice got clear and clear. At some point I realized that a blue person was there, at my first sight only realized that he was Krishna. He was talking to a person who was standing right in front of him. “Everything that happened was written, I knew that it is going to happen and I made it happen. And you were a part of it who had to play his role. Everything did was everything I wanted you to do. This is your destiny and this all was written”- said Krishna.

This was the thing which filled my life with optimism. The fact that I am having my own destiny and I am going towards it. I wrote this story for


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