Losing Old

               In school, I was a kid who always needed other people to do his work. I couldn’t eat until my mom made me sit at one place and put a plate in front of me. I couldn’t wake up in the morning myself. In other words you can that I was an extremely lazy guy. I was also greatly depended on my friends; I always needed them with me. While going school, while coming home, whenever I was out of my home, I needed my friends. I needed them to eat my Tiffin with me, I needed them to cheer for me on sports day. I needed them to remind when the assignments are needed to submit, I needed them to provide me the writing material. The whole class knew me and they also knew who my best friends were, I didn’t hesitate to tell my friends that you are not my best friend someone else is. Things went extreme when school life came at its edge. Everyone started realizing that everything is going to end soon. Everyone started making promises that relations will be same irrespective of the time they will face. ‘Friends Forever’ were the two words everyone was writing on every slam books.

                After school all my friends and my class mates stayed at the same town, most of them went in same colleges. But I shifted to another city, far from my home, school and friends. At the beginning it was a bit difficult to stay far from everything, alone. The biggest problem was I needed my mom to call me and tell me eat food, but this was fine, because my mom never forgot to call me and make me eat, never, not even once.  I was good at making friends but I am bad at making best friends I couldn’t share my things, my feelings to anyone new. So, my school friends were very important for me at that period, I used to call them and talk for hours, share my experiences with them. But suddenly I don’t why my school friends started telling me that I got changed. I don’t know why they used to tell me that. Suddenly all my friends started realizing the fights I had with them in school, the mistakes I already apologized for. Things were becoming more difficult because of this; they were taking my jokes as mistakes. They started talking rudely. It was difficult for me because they were the only people at that time I could share my life with. But they started breaking friendships. I was at the new place with new people. And I was unable to hold my old friends all by myself. They were becoming busy in their new life. And so I decided to do the same. They broke the friendship from their part and now I had two choices, to hold it firmly or to break it on my side. And I choose to #StartANewLife. I made myself to lose the school behind, I deleted all the contacts. That was a bold step of me, and changed my life forever. Because I lost all my old friends I was able to go close to new people and move forward.


                 It’s been four years now and I haven’t met my so called best friends. Only few of them are still in contact and I am happy with them. I feel like I lost a major part of my school life but I had to do that because it was holding me back. While leaving they told me that I am changed. But by leaving me they changed me a lot.

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