what the word 'attitude' mean????????

ATTITUDE the most common word we use in our life. When we see any good posture and expressions in a picture we call it attitude. When someone ignores you or don’t talk to you, you call it attitude. But I asked my friends what does attitude really means and nobody had a perfect answer. So this I am writing just to tell the meaning of attitude and some of my favorite types of attitude that people carries.
Here are some definitions that I found on google:
1-      Attitude (psychology), a person's perspective toward a specified target and way of saying and doing things
2-      Propositional attitude, a relational mental state connecting a person to a proposition
3-      An attitude can be defined as a positive or negative evaluation of people, objects, event, activities, ideas, or just about anything in your environment
4-      readiness of the psyche to act or react in a certain way
In easy words attitude is the way of looking at the things, and the way we behave in different conditions. People get confused when I ask them the meaning of attitude because there are many types of attitude. Here are some types of attitude,

·         Optimism

·         Pessimism
·         Confident
·         Interested
·         Independent
·         Jealous
·         Courteous
·         Cooperative
·         Considerate
·         Inferior
·         Happy
·         Frank
·         Respectful
·         Authoritative
·         Sincere
·         Persistent
·         Honest
·         Sympathetic
·         Realistic
·         Faithful
·         Flexible
·         Decisive
·         Trusting
·         Thoughtful
·         Determined
·         Loving
·         Hostile
·         Modest
·         Reliable
·         Tolerant
·         Humble
·         Cautious
·         Sarcastic
·         Helping
·         Hard Working

            Well I am not going to write on all of these, I am going to write on my favorite types of attitude-

             ARROGANCE. Arrogance is having or showing the insulting attitude of people who believe that they are better, smarter, or more important than other people: having or showing arrogance.

            Some very interesting morons on facebook use some prefixes like- angel, prince, princess, etc. And suffixes like sarkar, rockstar.  This type of people think that they are superior.  This feeling of superiority often comes from the things like beauty, money, lifestyle or company you keep. You are real loser if your superiority comes from any of these reasons. I won’t mind if you feel superior on the basis of your skills or talent. Arrogance also comes when you struggle more than others; personally I really like this type of arrogance.

            People have different types of attitude but it is really not good to show off your attitude. People who do not have anything else to show off try to show off their lame attitude.

            My second favorite attitude is EGOistic attitude. People who do not enjoy their present are having this type of attitude. I am not saying that I am arrogant or egoistic, but like people who have these qualities. You know if you fail to reply them they are not going to send text to you for a month, this is so fucking cool.

            This paragraph is just for smart people: you must be thinking why I like arrogant and egoistic people. Here is the reason- they are entertaining. Whenever I get bored I go these people and start a topic of someone they hate, and they entertain me for next two hours. And when I get irritated by these people I take them to other arrogant or egoistic person and I make them fight on a topic. Listing them is too interesting and funny.


  1. without skills attitude is just plain delusion. But sometimes people get away with just their attitude.


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