Inhumanity in Humans

In September 2014, the Jammu & Kashmir region was hit by heavy floods caused by torrential rainfall. The regions of Jammu and Kashmir in India, as well as Azad Kashmir, Gilgit-Baltistan and Punjab in Pakistan, were affected by these floods. Many people came forward to help them.

                 While watching TV I was thinking how could I help them? As I am the President of ABVP of my college, I asked people working on district level for it. They told me that I can collect fund from college and can give it for the people in Kashmir. Then I had a plan in my mind, I was going to make a box in which I could collect the fund. For the maximum fund I had to take care that we will go to every classroom and ask every student to make some contribution. For all this, I needed some people to help me. ABVP unit of my college has some of the posts so that we can work fluently. But one of the major post-holder and a very good friend of mine had already said that he will not do any work of ABVP. Because of that I couldn’t ask him for anything. So I called my other friend and told him this whole plan. Then he asked me, ‘we can hardly collect 2000-3000 from whole college and do you think this money will make any contribution?’ I was really disappointed by this statement. Then I called other friend he said that he’ll help but he won’t come in every class (maybe he thought going in every class and asking for money is like begging for something). Other guy said tomorrow lets arrange a meeting and decide should we do it? (He needed a meeting and a discussion for doing this thing. I think he thought this is very difficult thing to do and needed special discussion to progress). Then I texted a girl of ABVP that let us collect some fund in our college. She simply replied ‘I am busy’ (this was the least expected answer from any human).

                I got so discouraged and helpless because of these people. These were the people who always promised me do something good for society. And when there was the time to do something, these people showed the inhumanity of themselves. Since my childhood I used to listen that there are both good and bad people in this world, that day it got proved. But somehow I got people to assist me. Then I called a teacher of my college and told him the plan. But he said that a girl was collecting fund on 4th floor (last floor of our college where the least people of college goes). He said that you won’t get permission of principle for doing this thing again. So I thought to help that girl. Next day I went on 4th floor but she was not there. I asked people of that floor about her, a guy said last day he saw her. He even checked the collection box of her and he added that there was hardly 400-500rs in her box. I tried to find her but I failed.

                I failed to do one good thing to society when society needed me. This will be the one thing I’ll regret for my whole life. I will regret not because I have some stupid, selfish and fake people around me. But I’ll regret because I failed to stand alone. I failed to go against college authorities for a good cause. I failed to stand alone. 

                And I do respect that girl who was collecting fund on 4th floor. Maybe she hasn’t got expected collection from our college. But she did her job. And she did it alone. If there is any existence of things like blessings, she’s having it all. She is #MyCrisisAngel. This world will not sink until the people like her are in this world. Thanks to  for encouraging all the people who wants to make some contribution for society.


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