Effect of Environment on People


                      I am born in a small town Udgir in district Latur in Maharashtra. All my uncles and aunties live there only. But because of my father's job we are far away from my birthplace. My parents do visit there frequently but because of my studies I don't get much time to go and visit there.

                      In last summer vacations along with my parents I visited there. It was about 2-3 years I haven't gone there. I was going to meet many relatives and my cousin after 2-3 years so I was super excited. We were going to stay at my cousin’s place. My cousin has a daughter aged probably 9-10 years and a son 4-5 years old. Last time I saw them when they were really young and they haven't recognized me. They greeted my parents but not me. I could understand that.

                      After few hours when they constantly saw me in there house, I was no longer stranger for them. Slowly slowly they started to interact with me. And as the day was getting over they really became my good friends. The girl was not so naughty but that boy was like a devil. He used to come behind me and used to beat me. For first few hours I was enjoying it but then I was really getting irritated. I was praying that maybe after few minutes he will be quite, after few minutes, he will stop irritating me. But he was constantly teasing me. Whenever I used to lose my focus from him, he used to come and pinch me and then he used to start running. That was really annoying. That day for a thousand times I controlled myself and saved myself from beating a child. As the day ended I was really tired and frustrated. It was dinner time and I realized that the boy don't eat anything himself. He needs his father to spoon-feed him. That was fine for me because I had nothing to do with that.

                      Next day my parents decided to visit my other cousin at nearby village. The place was like typical Indian village; this cousin of mine was very poor and had a very small house. We were there at the afternoon. This cousin too had a small daughter of age 4-5 years. She was of the same age of that annoying boy. First I got scared when I realized all these things, but somehow I controlled my emotions. But this girl was very shy, she was talking to me but was not beating or teasing me :p Then it was the time for lunch. When they served us our lunch, that little girl too got served in a mini plate. And I realized that she was eating her lunch properly and very neatly. I was shocked to see this. A little boy needed his father to eat anything and a girl of same age was eating all by her own.

                     I was thinking for the reason. I was observing everything. And at last I found the answer. The cousin who used live in a town was rich and he used to pamper his son all the time. And he must have never scolded him. And on other hand, the parents of that girl must not be getting time to spoon-feed her. I am not saying that they don't pamper her. But they taught her to eat herself. In other words, in simple words, those children were different because of their environment. They became as their environment made them. Now I know why people around me are so different. Some of my friends are arrogant, some are kind, some are lazy and some are active. It’s not the people how they behave but it’s the environment they bought up in.

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