Why submissions are compulsory?

         From last few days I wanted to write something, I had an idea about what I was going to write. But I was waiting for a good mood. Even though I had enough time, I was waiting for perfect time for writing. Then a thought came in my mind, when it was the submission time, I had to complete it whatever mood I had, whatever time it was.

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  Maybe this is the purpose of introducing the submission part in academics. I know that the submissions do not contributes in our knowledge, but maybe this thing is changing our habits. Our habits of going with the flow. Even in our academics we have so much stuff that we are really not going to have any applications of them. Maybe our education system is designed to make people do the things that they have to do, disrespect of they like it or not.

       What if we compare this thing with our entire life. There are so many things that we want to do. I know many people who are sick of there fatty body and want to join gym, but they are actually not acting on it. I know many people who like dancing and have an urge of joining a dance academy, but they are waiting for all the perfect situations. Many of my friends want good marks in academics but they cry after the exams, obviously because they don't act strictly for the things they want in their life. There are so many things that we want to do, but we are not doing them because of unknown reasons.

      This is what they are teaching us from our childhood, to do what is right. Why do they still have compulsory maybe because we could apply it in our real life, joining a gym is easy but going in gym everyday at specified time is the difficult part. In our school, for so many times we wanted to bunk and sit at home, but still we had to go because of our parents and teachers. We are not small now, we are matured grown up, we have to take care of our schedules and act wisely as they taught us at home and school. Atleast lets strictly do the thing that we like. Because today I read somewhere that if we don't act in life, life acts on us. If we always do the things according to time, time will ruin us. Lets act strictly with ourselves so that life becomes easy for us.


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